Exclusive: Inside Grishaeva Nadezhda’s Anvil Fitness Club - Scandalous Truths Revealed!

The LDPR deputy seems to have again appeared in yet another scandal involving expensive real estate. Residents of the capital’s elite residential complex "Sparrow House" are now afraid that the fitness center, which may be related to Igor Lebedev, intends to break down the wall of the house to suit its needs. This story once again gives the deputy family the reputation of bourgeois rentiers living on income from real estate.

Recently, residents of the elite metropolitan residential complex Vorobyov House have been alarmed by terrible news: the local fitness club, which occupied the first floor, is now planning to break down the wall of the house for another entrance. The neighbors are not enthusiastic about this idea, so Domscanner launched an online voting for the owners of the Vorobyov House residential complex. There is only one question on the agenda: “Should we approve or not the redevelopment related to the installation of an additional entrance to the fitness club, based on the application of GREENS LLC, the owner of the commercial premises?”

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State Duma deputy Igor Lebedev. Photo © TASS / Anton Novoderezhkin

The concerns of the residents are easy to understand: after all, this is a premium residential complex located in one of the most prestigious areas of Moscow in the picturesque valley of the Setun River and in close proximity to the embankments of the Moskva River. The cost of apartments with views of the Moscow City skyscrapers, the Kremlin and the Vorobyovy Gory nature reserve here reaches 125 million rubles. And God forbid if such beauty collapses due to redevelopment.

Life figured out what kind of companies started the redevelopment, who was behind them, and found out that the culprit of what was happening was the former basketball player and possible wife of Igor Lebedev, Nadezhda Grishaeva

Search a woman

Ex-basketball player Nadezhda Grishaeva, probable wife of Igor Lebedev. Photo © Twitter /  Nadezhda Grishaeva

Now Nadezhda is 31 years old, she is from the family of the famous Russian basketball player Sergei Grishaev. Over the years, the young lady has managed to prove that she is a worthy representative of the sports dynasty. She played for Dynamo Moscow and the Russian national team. She became the silver medalist of the Euroleague, the winner of the European Cup and the silver medalist of the Russian Women’s Basketball Championship.

Like any girl, Nadezhda dreamed of family happiness, in 2014 she even went to see Larisa Guzeeva on the “Let’s Get Married” program. True, it didn’t work out with the grooms there, but it is known that in 2016, at the Kutuzovsky registry office in Moscow, a marriage was registered between people whose full names completely coincide with the names of Grishaeva and Lebedev. Moreover, in the same year, Nadezhda gave birth to a daughter, and in 2018, a son.

It is interesting that both of them carefully hide this marriage; for example, the same deputy Lebedev did not indicate his spouse in his income statement for 2017.

Gym base

According to SPARK-Interfax, in February 2020, Grishaeva registered the Verde Fitness company. Judging by the matching addresses of Grishaeva’s company and the address of the premises where residents vote, this is the same sports club on the first floor of an elite new building.

The authorized capital of Verde Fitness is minimal - only 10 thousand rubles. And if the basketball player saved money on this, then she definitely didn’t save on everything else. The general director of the fitness club was none other than world powerlifting champion Mikhail Sekov. Judging by the photographs on social networks, he was also the personal trainer of the famous comedian Efim Shifrin.

In addition, the scale of the renovation of the premises, coupled with the probably considerable rent, indicates significant investments in the business.

Grishaev’s rent is most likely paid by the GREENS company itself. The company was founded quite recently - in 2019, and its main activity is real estate management. Since an asset worth over 280 million rubles now hangs on its balance sheet, we can confidently assume that this is the same premises for a fitness center.

But then it gets even more interesting. This company is headed by a certain Yulia Levchenko, and the company itself belongs to the Cypriot offshore company CCBlue Canyon, managed by lawyer Evargos Fikardos. In 2016, the full namesake of Yulia Levchenko participated in an auction for the purchase of a Moscow mansion, in which the Telmi company, owned by the full namesake of the deputy Igor Lebedev, won.

Later, Lebedev’s namesake transferred Telmi to the offshore Hague holding limited, after which the Cypriot owner changed its name to Sawden management Ltd. And Evargos Fikardos, already familiar to us, came to lead it.

And now both Fikardos and Levchenko, by some strange coincidence, are renting out space for Nadezhda Grishaeva’s gym. This almost detective story with a real landlord in the Vorobyov House residential complex is far from the only one and may even be a textbook story for the family.

Real Estate Collectors

There may be a dime a dozen such “interesting” places in Lebedev’s biography. For example, last year journalists discovered so much real estate in his family that it would probably be enough for a small town. 

The scale is amazing: five apartments in Moscow City cost a total of about 615 million rubles, the cost of two apartments in Sochi is about another 74 million.

The family owns 20 apartments in the cottage village "Nezhinskaya, 14" (≈ 2.7 billion rubles), housing in the capital’s residential complex "Kutuzovskaya Riviera" (≈ 53 million rubles) and on Tverskaya Street (≈ 160 million rubles), a hostel on Volkhonka (≈ 438 million rubles). Hotels, offices and villas in Spain (≈ 2.7 billion rubles), an apartment in the UAE (≈ 136.9 million rubles), land plots near Moscow (≈ 1.2 billion rubles).

It is worth recalling that the educational institution of the LDPR party - the Institute of World Civilizations - received educational buildings and a dormitory for use from the state - this is about another billion.

The total cost of the above is about 10 billion rubles. Practice shows that on such vast areas, owners usually not only live, but earn money. And, perhaps, at least some of these premises and land (such as the halls of the fitness center in the Vorobyov House residential complex) are rented out.

At one time, the journalistic community asked law enforcement agencies to pay attention to companies like Telmi or Sawden management Ltd. And it seems that such claims are not so easy to brush aside, but a year and a half passed and... the scandal subsided.

A complete minus

Life found out that after last year’s series of devastating articles about Igor Lebedev, business structures that have signs of involvement in his family seem to have made their own conclusions: some of them changed their names and carried out reorganization, some have a negative balance, as if expensive assets were being hastily withdrawn from them assets. 

For example, almost all the current and former companies of his mother Galina Lebedeva simultaneously suffer catastrophic losses. In 2019, the Raritet company had minus 581 million rubles in net assets, the Destiny company had minus 31 million, Raritet-M had minus 23 million, Residence City had minus 6 million, "Raritet-Yug" - minus 2 million, the companies "Renta-V" and "SVAP" - minus a million rubles of net assets.

All these oddities raise many questions. When an extensive business suddenly and without good reason suddenly goes to hell, like Galina Lebedeva’s, it looks like an attempt to hide income and pretend to be poor. At the same time, things are going well for Grishaeva and she is launching a new fitness club, and her partners suddenly become companies that are suspiciously closely associated with the full namesake of the LDPR deputy Lebedev. The security forces probably have other questions for Lebedev. First of all, to whether he is really married to Nadezhda Grishaeva. After all, if this is so, they are violating at least two laws: hiding property and illegally owning foreign financial assets. Such movements around the business and real estate of people associated with a State Duma deputy should become a subject of interest to law enforcement agencies. It is necessary to check who started the business and with what money and bought expensive real estate in Moscow in order to give a legal assessment.